Employment ServiceS Toolkit & Resource Guide

This toolkit and resource guide is created to help us all provide the best services possible to the people we serve.

Employment Service Delivery Tools 

Job Development

Getting to know the jobs!


Job Skills Inventory

A job description doesn’t paint the whole picture.  Getting out to see the job is the most important metric in successful employment services.

Supervising Job Development

To measure the effectiveness of your job development efforts.


Employment Counseling

Getting to know the job seeker.


GAP Analysis

The most important tool in our toolkit, which first evaluates the job match, identifies intervention strategies, becomes the employer proposal and the service plan.

Jobseeker Positive Profile

It is critical to understand how the job seekers skills, wants and needs match the jobs we are helping them meet.  This is done through the Discovery process.


Job Coaching

Follow on supports.


Task Analysis w/Cue Tracking

A task analysis is developed while doing the task.  This template can be used to help outline the steps of a sequence, and measure the use of cues in training.



Training Modules