Work Towards Quality Employment For All

Assist in the establishment, expansion and refinement of quality employment for individuals with disabilities.

Advocacy Around Employment

To advocate for social change consistent with the desire of individuals with disabilities.

Supporting The Rights of People with Disabilities

To support individuals with disabilities in their efforts and rights in education, employment and community living.

The Association of People Supporting Employment First

APSE is the national voice for Employment First. Our members work to make inclusive workplaces, fair wages, and benefits, and the dignity of a job well done a reality for people with physical, mental health, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. We will create fair wages and inclusive work opportunities for all people with disabilities through changes in policy and partnerships with employers.


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APSE offers a range of memberships for individuals and organizations. Through membership, you gain timely information, tools, and support that help make you the strongest advocate possible.

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Hawaii APSE Chapter

The Hawaii APSE Chapter was formed in May 2022. It is the only national membership organization to focus exclusively on inclusive employment and career advancement opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our Chapter has begun with efforts to move forward with this purpose for the benefit of the citizens of Hawaii.

Our group meets Quarterly at 1pm on the first Thursday of every May, August, November and February.  Committee workgroups, including Advocacy, Communication, Member Engagement, Policy & Legislation, and Training and Events, meet monthly at times posted to our calendar.


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